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Urban Plains strives to uncover the stories of the undiscovered, explore the life and diversity of the Midwest and highlight those who have dedicated their lives to the heartland. Proud of our vibrancy and roots, we bring attention to the often-underestimated flyover states.”

Stay sexy and don’t get murdered.
Morgan Gstalter

My favorite ice cream topping is em dashes.
Tim Webber
Articles Editor

They don’t call me YOLO Manecke for no reason.
Lauren Manecke
Social Media Manager

Never not dancing to Stacy’s Mom.
Giuliana LaMantia
Squad Editor

Blondes who wear yellow are the best rule breakers.
Kayla Parker
Squad Designer

Goofin since 1995.
Brooke Haesemeyer
Squad Multimedia Producer

What do I like about people? Their dogs.
Sarah Hubbard
Squad Editor

My third favorite cookie is the sugar cookie.
Lauren Baker
Executive Producer

So Minnesotan even my hotdish plays hockey.
Hannah Bigot
Multimedia Producer

I’d rather buy shoes than groceries.
Claudia Williams
Squad Leader

Most myself when peering over my reading glasses.
Angela Ufheil
Squad Leader and Editor

It's only pressure if you're not prepared to deal with it.
Brandon Bader
Squad Multimedia Producer

Any pizza can be a personal pizza if you believe in yourself.
Zoe Ekonomou
Designer and Staff Photographer

Two days late is on time right?
Turner Olson
Squad Webmaster

Rolling in that DOUGH (cookie dough, that is).
Beth LeValley
Marketing Director

Just your average caffeine enthusiast.
Hannah Little
Art Director

Fan of unsolicited dog pics.
Sarah Beth Coleman
Squad Multimedia Producer

A supporter of potatoes, profanity, and pettiness.
Nadia Valentine
Squad Multimedia Producer

I make lots of dad jokes - punintentionally of course.
Megan Ellis
Squad Leader and Producer

I have no idea what I’m doing, but I know I’m doing it well.
Shelbie Malinski
Squad Multimedia Producer

In a complicated relationship with the Oxford comma.
Sarah LeBlanc
Articles Editor

A fashionista with a strict diet of Gushers, popcorn and Diet Coke.
Madison Ottenbacher

What’s the weather like down there?
Jacob Jensen
Squad Webmaster

I could walk under ladders, still win the lotto.
Daniel White
Squad Webmaster

A pescatarian who’s terrified of cats and hates chocolate.
Mia Simone Rush
Squad Editor

You either die a Morty, or live long enough to.
Geoffrey Daley
Squad Webmaster

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