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Urban Plains strives to uncover the stories of the undiscovered, explore the life and diversity of the Midwest and highlight those who have dedicated their lives to the heartland. Proud of our vibrancy and roots, we bring attention to the often-underestimated flyover states.”

I like long walks on the beach, candles and clichés.
Taylor Eisenhauer

Thrives on cupcakes, cocktails, and designer handbags.
Sarah Mattes
Social Media Editor

I am Bob Belcher and Monica Geller’s love-child.
Molly Lamoureux
Senior Editor

Prefers her bloody marys without vegetable juice and celery.
Melissa Studach
Senior Writer

I love Altoona, Iowa so much, I literally wrote the book on it.
Alex Payne
Senior Multimedia Producer

My 1st concert was Hilary Duff. Yes, I’m bragging.
Jessica DiDominick
Executive Producer

I’d rather be watching Chip and Joanna.
Emily VanSchmus
Art Director

Crazy cat lady. Thirty years too early.
Grace Piper
Senior Editor

I can bend my elbow backwards from breaking it when I was three.
Sydney Price
Copy Chief

I like to mow lawns.
Sandy Henry

I like my coffee as black as my wardrobe and my music as pop as it is punk.
Maggie Dickman
Marketing Director

Pupils so big, my optometrist never has to dilate them.
Jenny Krane

Drinking coffee all day until it's acceptable to drink wine.
Lauren Reno
Senior Editor

The keys to my heart: dogs, food and fanfic.
Sydney Schulte
Copy Editor

Let me crush your soul.
Jeff Inman

I eat a jar of peanut butter a week.
Kendall Wenaas
Social Media Editor

"Details of your incompetence do not interest me."
Molly Longman
Articles Editor

To clarify: Gingers don’t have souls, they steal them to ensure immortality.
Allison Trebacz
Senior Editor

I still send my laundry home when my parents visit.
Levi Larson
Copy Editor

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