Meet the Team

Ashley is corn-bred—growing up in small-town Iowa just minutes from cornfields in any direction. Coincidentally, cornbread is one of her top five favorite foods.
Hayley loves everything about Wisconsin. Lookin' for a date HMU.
I love traveling and getting tattoos. It always makes for a great story for the trip, and my goal someday is to get tattoos done from artists all over the world. “Some people say popcorn is hard to chew. There’s a kernel of truth to that.”
Latest from Jondavid Ottenbacher
I may have been a corn detassler when I was 15, but nothing I say could be corny enough to describe my love for corn.
Pronounced like the car from Back to the Future; derived from the Elvish forest in The Lord of the Rings—Lórien’s not particularly interested in silvology, though; instead she studies physics, mathematics and news journalism at Drake University. She wears bowties, enjoys the occasional glass of whiskey, knows the definition of the word erinaceous and sometimes she’s funny.
From Northfield, surrounded by cornfields, spending time in the baseball fields, and being mistakenly called Manderfield, you could say my passion spreads as far as the Midwest’s fields.
"My goal in life is to make some friends and tie some yarn because that's how you do the s(corn)" - Sarah Clarke" -Michael S(corn)