Photos by Maddie Hiatt

Forget bowling, axe throwing is the newest American hobby.

This Saint Louis based company is the hitting the mark with a unique recreational activity. STL Axe specializes in something new: axe throwing. Axe throwing is the newest hobby to hit the Midwest. Co-owner Aaron Cockrell thinks people should give it a try. According to him, the people that try it end up loving it. The building contains five lanes, wooden targets hung on the wall and countless axes on the floor. Customers are able to throw axes at the targets for up to two hours after receiving a short training session in the beginning with an ax-pert. There’s also the option to join the weekly axe throwing league.

“People here are really excited about axe throwing and make the whole experience really memorable,” says Susan Guffey, an axe league member of eight months. “The guys here are always making us laugh and are so goofy.”

So what’s next for STL Axe? According to Cockrell: drone racing. He has been trying out different small drones and is currently looking at larger spaces downtown that can handle all of their future plans.

Check out STL Axe at their Facebook page.