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    • Theres a use for that plantchicago and insidetheplant are trying
      5 days ago by urban_plains There’s a use for that:  @plantchicago  and  @insidetheplant  are trying to change the way people think about sustainability. Read more by  @annagracejensen , link in bio.  #UrbanPlains 
    • courtneykrause speaks her mind on the disparity between men and
      2 weeks ago by urban_plains  @courtney_krause  speaks her mind on the disparity between men and women in the music community. Watch her perform in a video by  @avriece . Link in bio!  #UrbanPlains 
    • jessiespangler is our social media editor She calls Plainfield Illinois
      4 days ago by urban_plains  @jessiespangler  is our social media editor. She calls Plainfield, Illinois home—“Plainfield is more boring when I’m gone.” She says that  #UrbanPlains  has “encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and I hope that it encourages readers to think a little deeper about the Midwest and everything that it entails.”
    • More women are starting to find refuge in running groups
      2 weeks ago by urban_plains More women are starting to find refuge in running groups. Read more by clicking the link in our bio.  #UrbanPlains 
    • Read the first story in our fourpart series about plantchicago
      4 days ago by urban_plains Read the first story in our four-part series about  @plantchicago  and  @insidetheplant , starting with how they sustain a circular economy within all of the businesses in The Plant. Read more about the unique, no-waste building in Chicago by  @annagracejensen . Link in bio.  #UrbanPlains 
    • Hold Up hosts jessiespangler and mitchellkedzior sit down with Megan
      2 weeks ago by urban_plains Hold Up hosts  @jessiespangler  and  @mitchellkedzior  sit down with Megan McKay, the owner and founder of  @peacetreebrewing . Listen in as they discuss her company, her decision to invest in the community, and attempt to figure out why the Midwest loves its beer.  #UrbanPlains 
    • Hold up weve got some cool stuff to raffle off
      1 week ago by urban_plains Hold up, we’ve got some cool stuff to raffle off at Hold Up with Mitch and Jessie: Live at Gas Lamp. Join us on Dec. 4 from 7-9 pm at  @gaslampdsm  with a special guest. We’ll be raffling off two signed  @courtney_krause  CDs, two  #UrbanPlains  shirts, two gift certificates for Gas Lamp, and stickers.
    • fcm3145 is our audio producer He calls Spokane Washington homeI
      1 week ago by urban_plains  @fcm3145  is our audio producer. He calls Spokane, Washington home—“I may have lived in a lot of places, but after graduation, home is where the story is.” Cade is hoping “readers learn that the Midwest has a lot more to offer than they might expect!”  #UrbanPlains 
    • Women who run together stay together Read more about the
      2 weeks ago by urban_plains Women who run together, stay together. Read more about the dangers women face while running and the rise of women-only running groups such as  @officialblackgirlsrun ,  @261fearless , and Kansas City Express. Read more by social media editor  @jessiespangler , link in bio.  #UrbanPlains 
    • avriece is our video producer Shes from Washington Missouri Iowa
      2 weeks ago by urban_plains  @avriece  is our video producer. She’s from Washington, Missouri. “Iowa has 75% vowels, and I have 75% no time for that.” Cassie feels that “a lot of stories that have been released during my time here have a lot of impact, and are asking people to take action. So I hope that when people read our stories they will want to do something about the injustices in our country.”  #UrbanPlains 
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Wet and Wild

Photo courtesy of Zach Besmond
Photo courtesy of Zach Besmond
Minnesota’s Lake Minnetonka is quiet and pristine during the week — but on summer weekends, it’s hedonism’s headquarters

Words by Lauren Reno

For many, living the “lake life” is relaxing, picturesque and the perfect way to experience nature. For others, it’s more like a scene from Animal House—just with water.

That’s especially the case for those on Lake Minnetonka. One of Minnesota’s largest lakes, Minnetonka—a mere 15 miles from downtown Minneapolis—is the Twin Cities’ watery playground. When the temperatures are hot enough, the lake goes ballistic, especially on weekends. And especially on the Fourth of July.

The biggest attraction? “Big Island.” But it’s less an actual island and more a crowd of hundreds of boats all tied together. Unsurprisingly, craziness ensues. Here are the accounts of three people who survived #BigIsland2016.

Zach Desmond: Student at the University of Minnesota. Avid lake partier.

“[Big Island] is really close to the metro, which is what makes it unique. It’s not by a cabin or anything, so everybody that has a boat can join the party.”

Jimmy Castle: Student at the University of Minnesota. Avid lake partier.

“Usually a lot of people go there during the weekends. You can almost always see hundreds of boats there on big weekends when it’s nice out.”

Susan Fox: Resident on Lake Minnetonka. Grandmother. Avid pontoon rider.

“They’re out on the water, maybe not even every weekend, maybe once a month, and [the partiers] tend to be young people. And there’s usually alcohol involved, so it can be dangerous.”


“The Fourth of July is insane and probably not safe at all.”


“It’s so crazy there, you could get away with anything. As long as you don’t pass out, you’re okay. Everybody is crazy wasted, it’s just a ton of drinking. … One time, I saw a girl who was passed out on a paddle board. She did not look okay, and she was just being pushed through the crowd of people to get her out to the police area for help. That’s how crazy it gets.”


“It’s a pretty obvious place where you’d want to park your boat. It’s protected because it’s on the back side of an island. It’s kind of a crescent moon shape, so it’s pretty protected in that way, but it’s also pretty open to the rest of the lake. I’d say it’s about three feet deep near the island, and it doesn’t drop off or anything. It’s really sandy, so it’s pretty nice to walk around.”


“You’re just trying to get there, link up with someone else’s boat and start walking around. … You just grab as many drinks as you can, and you meet up with as big a group as you can.”


“We just try to stay away from it.”


“Usually, a mass of boats will link together and make up one big sound system, and so those are really fun to get to, and the epicenter of the entire party is around those boats. So if you can get there through all the people, it’s just wild.”


“There are families who are just parked and floating around, but then towards the middle, where that ‘big island’ is, is where it gets louder and there’s a lot of people drinking.”


“I was walking past a group of 15 people popping champagne bottles, with music blaring all around me, and I had no idea where I was. I was like, ‘This is not Minnesota at all. This feels like Miami. It feels like a nightclub in the water.’”


“After big weekends like the Fourth of July, it’s a garbage dump under the water. There’s cans and bottles; food and silverware, and it can be really dangerous.


“Everybody wears sandals because they don’t want to get their feet cut.”


“People sometimes don’t respect the lake because they’re not on it, but that one time, so they just don’t get it.”


“The people who live there probably hate us. Because they live there all year, but we just come for a day and cause damage.”


“You don’t have to be a part of that, but you can’t turn a blind eye to it, either, because it’s destroying the quality of the lake. It’s planet Earth, and you have to love it.”


“It’s just part of Minnesota culture to go out on the lake with your friends and have a good time. It’s just what you do.”

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