Words by Mason Mauro and Olivia Albers | Photos by Austin Garner

  1. Bro tank: Ironically, bro tanks aren’t just for bros anymore. Whether you have the personality of Justin Timberlake or Michael Cera, you need to rock a bro tank at this summer’s hottest music festivals. Bonus points if your tank is printed with an obscure band name.
  2. Crop top: Go ahead, be basic. Festivals are prime for the super stereotypical crop top. Pair it with tattoo jewelry and a flower crown, and you’re set to join the rest of your indie friends at Lollapalooza.
  3. Shorts: Wear shorts. It doesn’t matter what color they are or what material they’re made of, you’ll be thankful to not be miserable in the summer heat. Jeans are a bad choice no matter how many ripped holes they have for ventilation.
  4. Sunglasses: Music festivals last all day, so you’ll need a pair of shades to shield your eyes from sunup to sundown. A pair of Ray-Bans is the best way to go, but you can stop by the drug store and grab the $5 Wayfarer-look-alikes because no one can tell the difference.
  5. Storage bag: Ladies, buckle up in a fanny pack , but guys, stay far away from them. Opt for a drawstring backpack instead, and cram it with lots of water, sunscreen and bug spray. Oh, and don’t forget a beach towel. No one likes grass stains.
  6. PBR: Good, cheap beer is a summer favorite and Pabst Blue Ribbon is one of those two things. It may not taste the best, but it is dirt cheap, which is why it’s the favorite of hipsters the world over. Drink up to make sure you finish your PBR before it gets boiled by the sun.
  7. Hippie accessories: Flower power and peace signs. There aren’t enough flowers and peace signs to go around these days, and if you don’t look like a stock photo of college students in the ‘60s, you’re not doing it right. Add some glitter to your face if you really want to channel your inner festival girl.