Get ready for your first road trip because Urban Plains has the essentials.

Words by Tucker Jacob | Photo by Austin Garner

  1. Red Bull: If your road trip is more than 15 hours, and the best are, then Red Bull is an absolute necessity. Nothing heightens your spirit like the energy kick it provides around the ten hour mark. There are many different flavors to try out too, including Orange, Yellow, Red, and Blue Editions.
  1. Phone (Spotify app): Silence is deadly on long road trips, so music is a necessity. Any smartphone with a Spotify Premium subscription allows you and your passengers full access to a nearly endless music library. Rather than texting and driving, have your friends play DJ to kick off spontaneous karaoke sessions and keep the good times rolling.
  1. Cassette adapter or auxiliary cord: Barely audible Spotify tunes playing from your phone can get frustrating, so an adapter is a must for expressway exploration. Avoid the repetitive radio tunes and have a more enjoyable road trip. Not to mention, it prevents desperately surfing the airwaves for non-static radio every few hours.
  1. Comfy clothes: Every road trip hits a low point. Passengers get tired, cranky and claustrophobic. A spare set of clothes at least guarantees comfort. Be sure to pack a nice set of lazy wear (like this Patagonia fleece) to keep you snug.
  1. Snacks: As delicious as a Crave Case from White Castle or 20 chicken nuggets from Burger King may be, they cost money and time out of your trip. Be sure to pack plenty of snacks for the whole car to limit your stops. It’s up to you, though, to choose between the healthy or indulgent route.
  1. Polaroid camera: The long road will provide you with many memorable sights and moments. What better way to remember them than with an instant photo from a Polaroid camera? These cameras are also extremely durable for the road and wherever your destination may be.
  1. Headphones: If you are more of a lone wolf or just need a break from the rest of your travel crew, a pair of headphones is your best friend. But use sparingly. Spending too much time away will cause you to miss out on the purpose of a road trip.