Everywhere In Between: Trailer

Everywhere In Between is a road trip across spectrums. Produced by residents of the flyover states, this podcast will tell the stories that aren’t always outlined on the map.



The midway point between Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and The Empire State Building in New York City is an indian restaurant in Overton, Nebraska. This podcast isn’t about that 4.4 star establishment in the middle of the Cornhusker State, but it is about unexpected connections. It’s about what you find when you zoom in on a story and where you find yourself standing when you zoom out to see the bigger picture.

The Midwest typically isn’t known for extremes. But there’s a lot more to spectrums than just the end points. So this podcast will be a road trip across these spectrums, working to tell the stories that exist everywhere in between. Each episode will have a different theme, with a topic as expansive as the Midwest landscapes. Our reporters will work to tell diverse stories under that theme. But we want you to know that these stories are just exploration, not exhaustion. There will always be more sides to tell and more vantage points to view. We hope you’ll listen, learn, and maybe stay awhile.

I’m Morgan Noll and I’ll be your host. To meet everyone else involved, you’ll just have to stay tuned.

Graphic created by Mia Tirado.


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