photos courtesy of Giovanna Zavell

Two millennial Jews take to the streets of Chicago to try and answer the public’s questions about one of the world’s most often misunderstood religions.

I’m the type of person who let’s you know I’m Jewish within the first 10 minutes of meeting me. It’s who I am. I don’t hide it — even though the world sometimes makes me want to. I like educating others about Judaism  because it’s a religion, culture and race that is often overlooked. And maybe that’s partly our fault. Like I said, not everyone is as open with their Jewish identity as I am.

I wanted to take my “educating” others one step further. So, I recruited my friend Ross Drucker and my brother Joey to take part in a social experiment with me. Right before Thanksgiving, we set up on State Street in downtown Chicago with a camera, a sign and plenty of chutzpah. I was surprised — and a little relieved — at the results.

Video filmed and edited by AJ Thiede