Lives Upended – Shelly

This series illustrates COVID-19’s effect on Midwesterners — one person at a time.

Shelly is a Minnesota mother of four who was laid off at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. After being badly hit by the 2008 recession, she and her family had just begun to recover financially. Now, in the wake of COVID-19, she is trying to deal with the situation and looks for pockets of hope in her daily life. 

“The first week it was strange not going to work. Each week after [the first week], I have noticed a decrease in my motivation to get projects done around the house. I’m going through extra items throughout our house and purging, cleaning and organizing. 

“My job helped me feel good about myself because I utilized my math, communication and problem solving skills as an accountant. I feel scared at times due to so many unknown issues caused by COVID-19. 

“I’m scared when I think about someone I love possibly getting the virus, not having enough money for essentials, the mental effect on our family and friends. I feel hopeful that people are learning a great value in spending more time with family, slowing down on activities and simplifying their daily lives. I am hopeful the scientists and doctors will come up with a cure for this virus very soon.”

— Shelly

Chaska, Minnesota

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