Meet the Team

 Urban Plains 2020

Urban Plains seeks to produce content that celebrates the Midwestern experience. While our staff come from all over the United States, we’ve each made a home in the rolling plains and friendly cities that make up this unique region of our country. 


Madison Kelly

For most of my life, I’ve been a pretty quiet person. But recently, I’ve been trying to let myself be loud. Red, to me, represents that journey, and the shift in stories I tell and designs I create. 

Emily Larson

When I think of the color red, I think of Taylor Swift’s 2012 album. It’s about being bold, making a place for yourself in a world that doesn’t want you to, and letting go of what’s holding you back from doing so. 

Aubin Murphy

Orange makes me think of  vibrant, streaked sunsets and sweet, delectable fruits. It’s a color not as attention-grabbing as red or as mellow as yellow, but bright and cheery in its own way.

Mariah Crawford

Two of my favorite colors ever are red and yellow. Orange represents the perfect blend of passion and light-heartedness that red and yellow represent, and that is how I want to take on the world. 

Leo McGrath:

To me, orange is a bright and silly color that I don’t think gets enough love.

Shannon Rabotski

In elementary school, I’d draw smiley faces in the name spot instead of writing my name and all the teachers knew it was me. I write with actual letters now, but my love for the iconic yellow smiley face and all it represents never went away.

Mic Spielberger

Yellow to me is loud but soft. It is bold while staying light. I think of the sun, happiness, warmth, sunflowers, and rubber ducks. I love this color because it radiates kind intentions.

Jessica Vinaja

To me, the color green represents renewal, energy, growth, and freshness. 

Tess Julien

I think the color green represents serenity, connection, and growth.

Sophie Jackson

I love the color green because it’s natural, rich, and it gives me great vibes!

Grant Blume

Blue is the color of the sea and the sky; it gives me a sense of freedom and a desire to explore the vast world around me. 

Samantha Jones

To me, the color blue represents the uniqueness of the world around me—the different hues found in the sky, the emotions it evokes, even the individuality of each person I meet. 

Cameron Bolton

Blue is something that I associate with Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, which, along with the books I read, was a massive part of my childhood growing up.

JD Pelegrino

The color purple is about ambition and setting your sights high. 

Taylor Vos

When I think of purple, I think of its tragic and upsetting history. Way back in Roman era, getting royal purple dye meant milking (or crushing) 12,000 sea snails in order to get just 1.4 grams of dye. Now we just make it. That’s wild. 

Monica Snider:

To me, the color purple represents magic and creativity.