mission statement

Urban Plains strives to tell the untold truths of the Midwest. From the Magnificent Mile to Main Street, UP connects fresh thinkers who are eager to delve into a culture all their own. We live by the motto: “Go big or go home.” And since the Midwest is already home, it looks like we’re going big.

our staff

Adam Rogan urban plains about us

Adam Rogan - Editor in Chief

97% controlled chaos, 1% angst, 2% milk


Autumn Meyer urban plains

Autumn Meyer - Art Director/Webmaster

Chandeliers are just domesticated willow trees that provide light
Daniela Buvat urban plains

Daniela Buvat - Photo Editor

People call me an enigma, but I’m cool with it

Article editing

Giovanna Zavell urban plains

Giovanna Zavell - Articles Editor

Currently keeping track of how many tacos I eat this year
Molly Dixon Urban plains

Molly Dixon - Senior Editor

*insert witty comment here*
Matthew Gogerty urban plains

Matthew Gogerty - Senior Editor

After Monday and Tuesday even the calendar says WTF
Rachel Wermager Urban Plains

Rachel Wermager - Senior Editor

Avid dog lover, peanut butter eater, and boxed wine drinker

Copy Editing

Annie Matte urban plains

Annie Matte - Copy Chief

I wore my nice flannel
Molly Adamson urban plains

Molly Adamson - Copy Editor

They told me there were wine and snacks, so I showed up


Brandi Dye urban plains

Brandi Dye - Marketing Director

Crazy, but like, in a fun way
Olive Wassen urban plans

Olive Wassen - Social Content Editor

My aesthetic is hip grandma and I’m killing it
Kenzie Busekist urban plains

Kenzie Busekist - Social Media Editor

The OG prangster
Summer Brills urban plains

Summer Brills - Event Coordinator

Slumdog Millionaire more like Sumdog Brillionaire


Zoe Zuidema urban plains

Zoe Zuidema - Multimedia Editor

The reason the professor always says “shhh”


Megan Rush urban plains

Megan Rush - Video Producer

Chicken nugget connoisseur
Geoff Daley urban plains

Geoff Daley - Senior Videographer

I enjoy casual dress
AJ Thiede urban plains

AJ Thiede - Senior Video Editor

“I’m a simple man…I like pretty, dark-haired women and breakfast food.”
Gerry Tetzlaff urban plains

Gerry Tetzlaff - Senior Reporter

“Roads? Where I’m going I don’t need roads.”
Nate Sohn urban plains

Nate Sohn - Director of Videography

I never skip the intro
Leah Thompson urban plains

Leah Thompson - Senior Reporter

I’ve probably pet your dog


Haley Elizabeth Davis urban plains

Haley Elizabeth Davis - Audio Producer

I only like the warm side of the pillow #unique
Drew Finney urban plains

Drew Finney - Senior Audio Editor