Introducing: Midwest Uprising

Introducing the weekly podcast, Midwest Uprising, where Cheyann Neades and Fatima Calderon Ceron chat with artists of color about their journeys in a region that is often overlooked.

Recorded by: Cheyann Neades and Fatima Calderon Ceron via Anchor

Edited by: Cheyann Neades

Music: ‘Just Dance’ by Patrick Patrikios via YouTube Audio Library



CHEYANN NEADES, HOST: When you look at a piece of art placed on a shelf, or watch the Nutcracker ballet, do you think of how they came to be? How curious are you about the artists behind the scenes?

FATIMA CALDERON CERON, HOST: On Midwest Uprising, we’re here to talk with artists of color around the Midwest. We’ll talk about how they found their passions, the history behind this work, and why representation in this region is so important.

CHEYANN: Stay tuned for upcoming episodes and the conversations along the way.


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