Meet the Staff

Editor-In-Chief | I'm a Drake University journalism student with a penchant (and an award!) for nitpicking – words, not lifestyle choices. A creative writer at heart, I’m thrilled to bring my flair for the dramatic to Urban Plains.

Managing Editor | I love the writing and reporting side of publications, but I also love creating strategic plans behind the creative work. As managing editor, I can't wait to see what our talented team creates and help support them along the way! And as a soon-to-be graduate of Drake University, I’m hoping to put my public relations skills to work in the entertainment world.

Copy Chief | Alex Lemke (she/her) is a Multimedia Journalism major with a minor in Politics from Lincoln, NE. She is serving as the Copy Chief for Urban Plains 2023. A fun fact about Alex is that she played volleyball for 15 years.

Articles Editor | Being an actor and a writer, sharing people’s stories is in my blood, if they be fictional or not. This has been always something at my core and something that I will strive to accomplish outside of university. After graduating, I am planning on moving to New York or London to share more stories on stage or in writing. Let me share yours!

Art Director | I am a Multimedia Journalism and Strategic Political Communications Major, pursuing a career in User Experience Design. I am passionate about everything involving creation– taking a crazy idea and turning it into a feasible reality. I’m excited to be this year’s Art Director!

Marketing Director | As I approach the personal renaissance that is graduating from college, I’ve reflected on my personal and professional growth throughout my time in college. Today, I am a passionate individual who values artistry and resourcefulness and finds inspiration in the things that bring me joy. I am excited to continue creating both professionally through a career in entertainment communications and personally, through my photography and painting.

Multimedia Editor | My passion for storytelling motivates my desire to share a diverse palette of stories in a visually striking manner. I aspire to create content that touches consumers by invoking various feelings and emotions that resonate with their spirit.

Associate Editor | Annie Peterson (she/her) is a Magazine Media and Graphic Design double major from Barrington, IL. She is serving as an Associate Editor for Urban Plains 2023. A fun fact about Annie is that she is related to Walt Disney but still has to pay for tickets.

Associate Editor | Writing and creating have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. Being vulnerable with words leads to impact, and impactful writing is healing. I want to continue to create a meaningful impact in the world after graduation.

Associate Editor | As a published writer and aspiring journalist, I value creating a space that promotes healthy representation and accessibility. Since attending Drake University, I’ve been able to continue efforts towards community outreach through work with local non-profits, work with the Des Moines Area Regional Transit, and experience as a writing apprenticeship for Southern Living Magazine. I’m excited to graduate from Drake this May with a major in Multimedia, Magazine and Branding!

Photo Editor | When I’m not reading, writing, or watching the newest show on Netflix, you can find me planning my next adventure abroad. My goal after graduation is to combine my love of travel with my passion for multimedia storytelling.

Photographer | I am an artist who strives not only to create art through her words but through her images. I have multiple published articles and am also the owner of my own photography business. I am currently working on writing a coffee table book and enjoy playing violin & singing.

Associate Editor | I am currently a senior here at Drake University, majoring in magazine media with a minor in graphic design. I transferred to Drake in August 2021 and am currently involved within the Times-Delphic, as Features Editor.

Web Director | I am a senior at Drake University studying Magazine Media and Public Relations with concentrations in Marketing and Graphic Design. I’m currently the Art Director for Drake Mag, Drake’s award-winning student lifestyle magazine, and am an Editorial Apprentice for Midwest Living. In a nutshell, I like making things look and sound pretty, with a passion for leaving spaces better than I found them.

Associate Editor | I am soon to be a graduate from Drake University having studied Magazine Media and Public Relations. I am currently a social media director for a small town gym in my hometown, but hope to gain a career in fashion PR or merchandising.

Copy Editor | I am a student journalist pursuing a bachelor's degree at Drake University with a major in News Journalism and a minor in Law and Ethics. I have been passionate about journalism since my time serving as editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper, and I currently work as the editor-in-chief of the Times-Delphic at Drake.

Social Media Editor | I am a senior at Drake studying Magazine Media and am currently a social media apprentice at Better Homes & Gardens and a staff editor at Drake Political Review. After graduation, I hope to do social or editorial work for a lifestyle brand!

Senior Social Video Producer | My passion for creativity and storytelling is what drives me! Through various internships ranging from being a social media manager to a communications coordinator for a hospital, I have professionalized many of my skill sets learned through classes. I am thrilled to see where my career takes me post-college!

Associate Video Editor | I am passionate about infusing my Nigerian-American background into developing engaging content for media, journalism and entertainment.

Social Video Producer | I’m a passionate creative and currently am a cinematography intern along with the president of Drake Broadcasting System. From filming to editing, I believe visual content sheds light on our beautiful world through captivating storytelling.

Senior Editor | Outside of class, I’m an editorial apprentice at Real Simple. As much as I’ve loved spending the past four years in the Midwest, I’m excited to move back to Austin (yay warm weather!) and start my career after I graduate in May.

Senior Designer | I came to Drake as a transfer in the fall of 2021 wanting to write stories and make art. Since then I’ve had fun writing food reviews and various articles for Drake’s campus publications, but art is where my heart really is. I’m stoked to keep that passion going as UP’s senior designer. Here’s to more creative endeavors!

Senior Editor | I’m excited for a semester of highlighting rebirth. This will prepare me for my own post-graduation renaissance, as I look forward to an ever-shifting future and career.

Senior Video Producer | I am passionate about telling stories, creating literally anything and people. After graduation, I look forward to finding avenues to combine humor with activism as it exists in the entertainment media sphere.

Social Video Producer | I am a senior studying News and International Relations. I plan on getting into social media marketing after graduation.

Senior Video Editor | Creating art and media is the core of my very being. Learning different tools, mediums and techniques brings me no greater joy in life. There is always something to look forward to!

Senior Social Media Editor | As a student, my passion for learning grows along with my understanding of the media industry. Besides being a student, my time is spent as the social media director for @daveandjennymarrs as well as an apprentice for InStyle. I am so excited to see where my career takes me.

Copy Editor | I’m a senior studying Public Relations and Multimedia Journalism, and I’m creating my own concentration with my advisor for LGBTQ studies. Outside of Drake, I interned at Delta Dental of Iowa and I am currently an intern at Strategic Elements. One day, I hope to work with LGBTQ youth.

Video Producer | I love the process of content creation, but I think what sticks out to me most is the result of it and seeing how people react to the work I make. If I can make something that puts a smile on someone’s face, I’d consider it a job well done.

Social Media Editor | I am a senior at Drake University with a love for social media and pickles! When I’m not in class you can probably find me being a fake lawyer as a member of Drake Mock Trial, and I am excited to continue my education next year at Drake University Law School. Go Dawgs!