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    • One of our senior editors wmuckian explored Frank Lloyd Wright
      7 days ago by urban_plains One of our senior editors,  @wmuckian , explored Frank Lloyd Wright homes and the trials that these homeowners face (like some of the built-in furniture). Link in bio!  #UrbanPlains 
    • Theres a use for that plantchicago and insidetheplant are trying
      2 weeks ago by urban_plains There’s a use for that:  @plantchicago  and  @insidetheplant  are trying to change the way people think about sustainability. Read more by  @annagracejensen , link in bio.  #UrbanPlains 
    • The conversation around Confederate monuments is evolving Learn more about
      6 days ago by urban_plains The conversation around Confederate monuments is evolving. Learn more about the people behind the preservation of these monuments, by audio producer  @fcm3145 . Link to full story in our bio .  #UrbanPlains 
    • Read the first story in our fourpart series about plantchicago
      2 weeks ago by urban_plains Read the first story in our four-part series about  @plantchicago  and  @insidetheplant , starting with how they sustain a circular economy within all of the businesses in The Plant. Read more about the unique, no-waste building in Chicago by  @annagracejensen . Link in bio.  #UrbanPlains 
    • jessiespangler is our social media editor She calls Plainfield Illinois
      2 weeks ago by urban_plains  @jessiespangler  is our social media editor. She calls Plainfield, Illinois home—“Plainfield is more boring when I’m gone.” She says that  #UrbanPlains  has “encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and I hope that it encourages readers to think a little deeper about the Midwest and everything that it entails.”
    • Hold up weve got some cool stuff to raffle off
      2 weeks ago by urban_plains Hold up, we’ve got some cool stuff to raffle off at Hold Up with Mitch and Jessie: Live at Gas Lamp. Join us on Dec. 4 from 7-9 pm at  @gaslampdsm  with a special guest. We’ll be raffling off two signed  @courtney_krause  CDs, two  #UrbanPlains  shirts, two gift certificates for Gas Lamp, and stickers.
    • Owning a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright can be
      1 week ago by urban_plains Owning a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright can be a great gift, but also can have its quirks, such as the too-low chairs and built-in furniture. Read more by  @wmuckian  about families' ups and downs living in Wright's masterpieces. Link in bio.  #UrbanPlains 
    • Groups like the AllFemale Jazz Orchestra of Iowa prove that
      2 days ago by urban_plains Groups like the All-Female Jazz Orchestra of Iowa prove that representation in music matters. Link to story in bio.  #UrbanPlains 
    • Come to the green side In part two of our
      5 days ago by urban_plains Come to the “green side.” In part two of our four part series about The Plant in Chicago,  @jessiespangler  focuses on the research initiatives and education outreach. Click our link in bio to find out more.  #UrbanPlains 
    • fcm3145 is our audio producer He calls Spokane Washington homeI
      2 weeks ago by urban_plains  @fcm3145  is our audio producer. He calls Spokane, Washington home—“I may have lived in a lot of places, but after graduation, home is where the story is.” Cade is hoping “readers learn that the Midwest has a lot more to offer than they might expect!”  #UrbanPlains 
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