Chic, Styled Clothing For Plus Size Women: Does It Work?

Companies and subscription boxes are changing who they’re catering to by adding great fashion choices for plus-size women.

Shopping for clothes can be a challenge. But when someone is plus-size, it makes the task twice as hard. According to Forbes, “The average size of a woman is now between size 16 and 18.”  The stigma of not carrying certain sizes because they’re plus-size is something that needs to change. Now, there are many places that do carry these sizes, but half the time the stock they sell is limited. According to Casey Thames, a preschool director in Oregon, “the plus size section is a fraction of the size of the rest of the Ladies section.”  This is where clothing subscription boxes come in handy. Clothing subscriptions are changing the stigma of plus-size clothing while also pushing for body positivity.  

Jennifer Conner, a Sr. Project Manager, poses in an outfit she purchased from Dia & Co. Photo credits: Jennifer Connor.

Dia & Co. is one of the highest-rated subscription boxes for plus-size women. Nadia Boujarwah, owner and creator of Dia & Co. writes, “ I co-founded Dia & Co in 2014 as a way for women just like me to embrace their individuality. It grew out of a personal need and now, Dia&Co is a place where everyone can explore all the incredible things that style can really do.” According to Glamour, every stylist at Dia & Co. “is an expert in this particular market, and they pride themselves in understanding how plus-sizing works to save you from the trial and error.” One huge benefit Dia & Co. has is the aspect that the customer is actually styling their own pieces of clothing through pictures they send the stylist.

“Dia helped me to create my style and strong body positivity, not only through the boxes but through the community they have created,” Jennifer Conner from Virginia says. Conner has purchased multiple boxes from various plus-size subscription companies, which tended to be frumpy and either hit or miss with her style, but Dia & Co’s has had the most spot-on accuracy so far. Not only is the company great with their boxes, but they applaud body positivity. Conner says, “Dia caters exclusively to plus size women and makes sure they feel beautiful and worthy, just as they are.”  

Hilary Erickson, a labor and delivery nurse and blogger, has also purchased many Dia & Co. boxes. “I think they’re showing that plus size ladies can look and feel great,” Erickson exclaims. She loves the freedom she receives from the company and the fact that they take the time to listen to her needs. “They have catered to my specific modesty concerns as well. For example, I need a fully-covered shoulder shirt,” she explains. Her experience has been nothing but positive with the company.

Hilary Erickson works closely with Dia & Co. and has even reviewed them on her blog. View it here. Photo credits: Hillary Erickson .

Casey Thames agrees with Conner’s statements. “Most pieces I received from Dia were my style or a little different, but I still liked them,” she says.

While Dia has wonderful reviews, they are still pretty pricey. Clothing pieces normally are priced at $45 and up, and on top of that you have to pay the $20 to have your box of clothing styled to your needs. “I think that for some people the clothes are just too expensive, but I believe the prices are reasonable for the quality,” Thames adds. The biggest downside she has experienced with the company is that a few outfits weren’t her style. However, she was able to send them back and get new ones, and consult with her stylist over her preference.

There are other options though, if a box stylist doesn’t work. Many stores are expanding and adding campaigns for plus-size women. Target has started pushing for plus size clothing wear and have introduced a line of three plus-size brands including Auden, Stars Above, and Colsie. Loft has also started carrying sizes 00-26 to cater towards their customers needs. Stores around the U.S. are starting to carry plus size clothing as it’s becoming the new norm. Women should be able to feel strong and powerful in their clothing, not uncomfortable. Target, Torrid, and other plus-size clothing companies are becoming mainstream options where women can go to pick out new a stylish outfit on the rack instead of online. For example, Torrid just opened up an in-store wedding dress collection for sizes up to 30 and under $200.

The three new brands of plus-size clothing at Target. Photo by: Target.

Dia & Co. is breaking barriers that have restrained plus-size women from enjoying their clothing. They celebrate body positivity in a way that creates confidence: by making chic clothing that women are truly happy with. Jennifer Connor writes, “Subscription boxes specifically are helping the body positive movement through its community building, social media presence, and supporting plus-size organizations to create fashion for the plus size woman.”  Companies in the U.S. are breaking barriers and are creating fashion for plus-size women everywhere. The push for inclusivity in the market place is becoming a reality with new options for all different shapes and sizes of women.

Photos used with permission by Hilary Erickson, Jennifer Connor, and Target.

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