Designed By The Streets

Tone the MoveMaker is making moves. Get to know his unique clothing brand Designed by the Streets. Located in Des Moines, Iowa, this small business sells interactive clothing items, tees packed like kilos of cocaine, and custom pieces. Learn more about Designed by the Streets and discover what urban art in the Midwest is all about. 


  • Nicole Cox

    I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be Multimedia Director for Urban Plains. I have a great deal of video experience, both professionally and just for fun. From documentaries, short films, sports broadcasting, and live shows, I have worked on over 500 videos throughout my career. When I’m not creating videos, you can find me…creating videos, I am a 24/7 workaholic and also produce content for my YouTube channel, Tik Tok, and other social platforms.

  • Nikalaus Huerter

    My name is Nikalaus Huerter, I am the audio editor for Urban Plains. I’ve always had a passion for anything audio related starting with my involvement with instruments like the violin, to audio production for various organizations and individuals such as Iowa Radio Reading Information Services! On the side you might catch me taking environmental or landscape pictures for fun with my Scottish terrier.

  • Zoe Sadauckis

    My name is Zoe and I am the Senior Video Producer here at Urban Plains! I love telling stories through video and audio! As the Executive Producer for Drake Broadcasting System, I get to do just that, as well as direct live video broadcasts. Besides my passion for visual storytelling I also love architecture and traveling! 

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