Homestyle Cooking, Away From Home

It takes a Midwesterner to truly understand the intricacies of the micro-cultures represented by each state and even each city in the region. All over Middle America, people have pride in their homeland and they take that pride wherever they go.

This pride is expressed in many different ways, but themed bars and restaurants make the homeland pride contagious. Des Moines has become a hub for these  pride-filled Midwest-specific establishments. For Wisconsin lovers, the Wisco Grub and Pub provides Wisconsin-themed food and drinks, as well as decor devoted to the Badger State. Not to be outdone, Truman’s KC Pizza Tavern is a Kansas City-themed pizza parlor, fully equipped with memorabilia from the Chiefs and Royals, as well as a plethora of pizza, traditional and KC-themed alike.

Photo & Video by: Nick McGlynn & Erin Morgan

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