Introducing Midwest Queeries: A New Podcast from Urban Plains

When you think of queer culture, you probably don’t think of the Midwest. But just like anywhere else, LGBTQ people have always been here. 

Join Madison Kelly as she uncovers stories about the Heartland’s LGBTQ history with the help of archivists, organization leaders, and community members in her podcast “Midwest Queeries.”

At Urban Plains, we seek to produce content that celebrates the Midwestern experience. While our staff come from all over the United States, we’ve each made a home in the rolling plains and friendly cities that make up this unique region of the country. In the coming weeks, we hope to be a place to find peace of mind during this unprecedented time. We will continue to share the stories, videos, podcasts, photos, and other content that we know you have an appetite for. Wishing good health to you all.

– UP Staff

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