One Bottle at a Time

Foundry Distilling Company, located in West Des Moines, Iowa, is doing something that few other Iowa distilleries are during the pandemic: producing hand sanitizer for the community. Ever since March 20, Foundry, as it is known, has been giving away hand sanitizer at no cost. Owner and founder Scott Bush decided to make this move out of his commitment to the community and wellness of Foundry’s customers. 

Foundry hand sanitizer fits the FDA-approved recipe, is 80% alcohol by volume (ABV), or 120 proof, and is produced daily at their facility in West Des Moines. Guests can bring their own container to receive up to 12 ounces, and the staff at Foundry will refill it with their product. Throughout the weekends, Foundry has implemented a one refill per customer per day rule. 

“We are Des Moines’ distillery and distill spirits every day right here in Valley Junction,” Bush says. “This is one way we can help out our friends, neighbors and customers during these difficult times. We are happy to shoulder this expense associated with doing our part to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.”

Bush and his team are working day in and day out to fill orders to Fareway Grocery, Casey’s, Atlantic Bottling Company, Unity Point Hospital, and others throughout Iowa. On weekends, volunteers have helped out by distributing hand sanitizer to community members on site. 

After 2,000 people drove to the Foundry, with cars lined up out the parking lot and down the street, Bush knew that there was more of a demand for his company’s product and hand sanitizer in general. 

“I think we were very shocked at how many people showed up,” Bush says. “Then we started thinking about making it with some scale, and we came in here one day with a bunch of people – my wife, kids, our team – and we made two pallets. It took about five hours.”

Bush emphasized that with some connections and people willing to do good in the community, Foundry has been able to scale up efforts to promote a healthier community by producing more hand sanitizer. The company now sells 8-ounce bottles for $5, in addition to their free 12 ounces on the weekends.

Foundry is planning on bottling and distributing its sanitizer through April 25, at which point Bush and his team will reassess the community’s needs. Bush thinks that near the end of April, Purell and other mainstream hand sanitizer companies will begin to pick up production and distribution for the public. It is at that point that the Foundry will go back to producing its high-end alcohol.

“Hopefully when this is done, people remember that it was Foundry Distilling Company who helped during the pandemic, and when they see our bottles on the shelf they’ll pick them up,” Bush says. 

For more information about how to get Foundry hand sanitizer or any of their whisky, vodka, rum or gin spirits, please reach out to


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  1. Great article about a company that enjoys giving back to the community as well as taking good care of his employees.

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