Out and about: Final Four fan showcase

Meet the fans who travelled all the way to Minneapolis, MN, to cheer on their team during their bid for a National Championship.

As March Madness rolled into April, Minneapolis, MN prepared to host the Final Four. After 64 teams were eliminated over 20 days of play, the NCAA Tournament came down to just four teams and one final trek up north to the newly constructed U.S. Bank Stadium.

Michigan State, Texas Tech, University of Virginia and Auburn University were the four teams to make it far enough to compete for a national championship. With fans traveling from around the Midwest, the East Coast, the South East and Texas, there was no shortage of energy, school pride or championship dreams.

Urban Plains spent the weekend in Minneapolis for the Final Four, taking in the city, experiencing how the Midwest hosts national events and, of course, talking to fans. We hit the streets to ask fans how, and how far, they travelled, what they thought of Minneapolis as a hosting city, their busted brackets and their team’s chance of success.

Some flew in, some took a brave road trip with friends, and others decided thirteen hours of public transit was an appropriate way to get to the games. Regardless of how they got there, fans were pumped to root their team on and confident their school would pull out the victory.

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Photo by Cathryn Cheek, video by Cathryn Cheek and Josh Cook.