The Midwest Through the Lens

Between old farm land and modern cities, there’s a lot to discover in the Midwest. Check out what these Midwest photographers captured during their travels through the center states.


Known as the “Fields of Opportunities,” Iowa has a lot to offer photography-wise. Photographer Michael Grobin shares these photos from a morning walk at the Palisades-Kepler State Park. He was captivated by a small road that led through the park. 

“This was the first day that the entrance down into the road was opened back up after winter,” Grobin said. “I was eager to take photos on the various trails, beach, overlook and dam.”


Just like in The Wizard of Oz, beware of storms. Photographer Travis Nickey captured some wild weather near the Colorado border in Kansas. Midwest plains highlight the unpredictable nature of the land. 

“The plains of the Midwest offer wide open landscapes which are ideal for photography of storms,” Nickey said. 


Photographer Alex Frick explains how each photo carries a story. 

“Behind every photo is a story of how you got to that location. The settings, the lighting, the sounds and smells. I can recall all of those details in every photo of mine,” Frick said.


“Nature photography and exploration in Missouri and the Midwest has become a hobby of mine, as there is so much beauty to be found,” photographer Ian Kincaid said. “You just have to look for it.” 

A casual walk can turn into a serene moment to be captured. Even the most surprising spot, like Cedar County, Missouri, can hold so much beauty.

Fall trees reflect off of the lake with cloudy skies above.
Credit: Ian Kincaid | Kincaid captured the fall beauty of Cedar County, Missouri, on a walk.

South Dakota

The lighting, the landscape, the Midwest — a simple drive through South Dakota can be truly beautiful. Photographer Casie Lethcoe captured this photo while rushing to another shoot. 

“I rounded a curve and saw this tree absolutely glowing with the setting sun and I just had to stop,” she said. Located in Custer State Park, this drive is a must-do. 

A curved paved road with woods around it.
Credit: Casie Lethcoe | The roundy road is located in Custer State Park, South Dakota.


While many people complain about the snow, it can really bring out the beauty of a special place. Sitting on the highest point in southeast Wisconsin, the grounds of Holy Hill hold an iconic Catholic Church. Photographer Chris Herriot lives near the grounds and loves to capture it illuminated at night. 

“Every time I think I have taken every shot there is to take of this place, something different presents itself,” he said. 

Snowy woods below with a catholic church sitting on the hill above.
Credit: Chris Herriot | The iconic Catholic Church is located on Holy Hill in Wisconsin.


Photographer Richard Brown shared how the Midwest provides a challenge for photographers, especially when it comes to landscape photography. 

“The reason I enjoy landscape photography is the challenge of getting to some beautiful place and capturing what gems I can find in a rather flat area of the country,” he said. 

The key is getting out there and searching for the beauty of the state.

North Dakota

One of the pluses of living in the rural areas of the Midwest is the lack of light pollution. This gives photographers the chance to capture the night sky, including the Milky Way or northern lights. Photographer Liz Kemp had been standing outside in the harsh winds for half an hour waiting to see the northern lights. It wasn’t until she had gotten back in her car and started to drive away that the sky lit up and she was able to take this photo of an abandoned grain elevator. 

“No matter how good your camera gear is, you’re still at the mercy of the sky,” Kemp said. 

An abandoned grain elevator sits as the sky is lit up by the northern lights.
Credit: Liz Kemp | The northern lights highlight the abandoned grain elevator.


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