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Rolla, Missouri, looks like it doesn’t offer much. A Wal-Mart. A dispensary. A few fast-food joints. Easy access to Lake of the Ozarks a few miles west. But for the students of Missouri University of Science and Technology, there’s a safe haven tucked in a seemingly nondescript dorm building. KMNR is an independent radio station. It’s powered by students for students—and anyone else who just wants to jam along, creating a new do-it-yourself music scene in the middle of Missouri They freely put local and touring bands on the air. They host basement shows for those wanting to test the tolerance of their eardrums. And they provide a hub for a scene that people outside of Rolla are willing to flock to. 


  • Erica Sawyer

    I’m Erica Sawyer, the accessibility coordinator for Urban Plains! My background is primarily in video and audio production. My previous experience includes being the president of Drake Broadcasting System and internships focused on media and accessibility. As a disabled person, I have a passion for making everything I encounter easier to access for everyone. 

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