What is the Midwest?

Here in the Midwest, each state has its own charm. In this podcast series, we sat down with members of the Urban Plains team to showcase the uniqueness of each Midwest state. We have conversations about defining the land, music festivals, and queer music artists, all right here in the Midwest. 

We interviewed our UP Associate Editor Michaela about how the Midwest is defined. She gives us more insight to the story she wrote about defining the Midwest states.


  • Daniel Bauer

    My name is Daniel Bauer, and I am the senior video editor for Urban Plains. I have a strong background in video production and editing documentaries, news, and more. Since I was young, I have had a passion for creativity and I am super excited to implement Urban Plains’s creative vision into every piece of video content that we produce. When I am not editing you can find me hanging out with my kitten, Panchita.

  • Michaela Breed

    Words are my forte, my safe space, my oldest friend. As such, I chose to work with them as an Associate Editor for Urban Plains. Through my internship at Beaverdale Books, I’ve have the opportunity to meet amazing authors who have made shaping words into stories their livelihood. With my undergraduate degree in Magazine Media, I have written and edited for multiple platforms and in multiple styles. I’m looking forward to seeing all that this team can do in fulfilling our vision for the publication. 

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