Lives Upended – Emily

This series illustrates COVID-19’s effect on Midwesterners — one person at a time. 

“I currently am a ‘displaced’ person in Taiwan right now.  All of a sudden everything blew up and all my flights home were canceled. I’ve been ‘stuck’ here since then.

“The most enjoyable part has been being able to be with friends. And be back in this country exploring and seeing the beauty of nature here. The outbreak was kept under control here so life is mostly normal.  Least enjoyable has been missing my family and close friends at home and also feeling a bit lonely at times.

“I don’t feel trapped I would say but I do feel uncertain of when the appropriate time to return to America is.

“Nothing is certain. I can plan as much as I want but ultimately I need to be listening to the leading of the Lord. I need to worship and pray before every decision I make in order to hear what His will might be. If there is peace in a decision then I go with it. If I feel any bit of anxiousness or unrest about a decision, after worshiping or praying about it then I do not go through with it.

“Technically I CAN return home but I haven’t yet because I want to begin school here in the fall. Taiwan has closed its borders to newcomers. I am trying to change my visa over without having to leave because once I leave I cannot return until their borders are reopened. I am in a general state of missing my family and close friends at home….but that is natural, I think, when going through a new time. We desire to be with those we are closest to. Those I am closest to happen to be in Minnesota.”

— Emily

Taipei, Taiwan

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