Midwest and the Rest: Joe and Yinka

Two people about to shake hands

Pre-COVID-19, we were often distracted by our devices and the ease with which we could disengage from one another. Declining a call, quickly liking a photo or responding to a message with an emoji, “smh” or “LOL” was about as much engaging as was required. We took for granted the accessibility we had to each other. But alas, here we are in a devastating pandemic, reminiscent of the 1918 Spanish flu. Now, we are literally longing for proximity to one another.

In this sit-down conversation, Joe and Yinka come together for the first time to talk about who they are and where they come from. This video was created before the quarantine and in so many ways the engagement between these two—and even the others in the room—was effortless. Proof positive that the lost art of conversing in our device-ubiquitous world is not lost after all.

Consider the last time you had the opportunity to have a conversation with someone you do not know. How much of a treat would it be to have that same opportunity today? In the time of COVID-19, many may think about lost opportunities to be social or interactive. But the opportunity to connect is not lost. People are finding innovative ways to meet—like having drive-by parties, using meeting platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Instagram Live and others to engage and interact.So, there is no time like the present.

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