Ruined Rewind: Episode 2 Barnyard

Welcome to Ruined Rewind, where hosts Rachel Trbovic and Kate Segler, look back at our childhood movies and ask the question: what the hell were we watching as kids? The second episode is all about Barnyard, the story of rambunctious farm animals who love to play when the farmer is away. Despite their popping social life, the animals eventually have to learn some responsibility and just how much it takes to be a leader. Kate and Rachel talk with Gavin Waller, fellow Urban Plains staff member and discuss whether this childhood classic influenced our college social life.

Hosts: Kate Segler and Rachel Trbovic
Guest: Gavin waller
Audio Producer and Editor: Bailey Coronis
Editor: Anne Hirschfeld
Sponsor: Urban Plains
Music Credits:
Intro/Outro: Lindsay Cain- Non-Copyrighted Music Chill
Lindsay-cain-455444238 – Non-copyrighted-music-chill
Commercial Break: Mona Wonderlick- Shower Cap Cutie
Monawonderlick – Shower-cap-cutie

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