Ruined Rewind: Episode 1 Coraline

Welcome to Ruined Rewind, where hosts Rachel Trbovic and Kate Segler, look back at our childhood movies and ask the question: what the hell were we watching as kids? This first episode is Coraline, the story of an adventurous 11-year-old, who after her move across the country with her parents discovers a secret portal at her new house. In this portal that she discovers the “Other World,” and it’s there that Coraline learns that the grass isn’t always greener on the “other” side. Kate and Rachel go through book versus movie, and ask the questions: was it worth the therapy?

Hosts: Kate Segler and Rachel Trbovic
Audio Producer and Editor: Bailey Coronis
Editor: Anne Hirschfeld
Sponsor: Urban Plains
Music Credits:
Intro/Outro: Lindsay Cain- Non-Copyrighted Music Chill
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