Small Town Tour Of Fame: French Lick

Travel with us to explore some of the smallest towns that are home to the biggest stars.


Thank Celtics basketball legend Larry Bird, or “The Hick from French Lick,” for bringing us to the third stop on our small town tour of fame. You’d never guess a town of just under 2,000 people could house so many attractions and entertainment sites.


Visit the French Lick West Baden Museum to walk through the history that built this little town. The museum was originally a temporary site, but the desire to learn more about French Lick’s rich history grew and resulted in the reopening of a permanent museum at the same site in 2013. Explore the museum’s casino exhibit and learn about the illegal gambling that once defined the town. Make sure to check out the world’s largest circus diorama before you leave!

Small Town Tour of Fame: French Lick, Indiana
Courtesy of French Lick West Baden Museum

If you’re still in the mood to fuel your inner history buff after a visit to the museum, head to the French Lick Scenic Railway to travel back in time to the days when railroads were the main mode of transportation. Take a 25-mile passenger train ride to nearby Jasper, IN and enjoy passing views of Indiana. If hunger strikes along the journey, snacks and refreshments are available at the snack bar. 

French Lick also offers plenty of experiences for adventurous visitors. Grab a group and spend the day at an indoor waterpark, go go-karting, or put your problem-solving skills to the test by breaking out of an escape room.

Small Town Tour of Fame: French Lick, Indiana
Courtesy of French Lick Winery

The French Lick Winery is the place to go for award-winning wine and gourmet food. You can choose from more than 30 different wines at the tasting bar. The winery offers delicious ways to satisfy your taste buds while simultaneously giving you a memorable experience. If you’re interested in viewing the production process, make your way to the observation area, and you can browse through the gift shop on your way out to commemorate your experience.

Small Town Tour of Fame: French Lick, Indiana
Courtesy of French Lick Winery

Kelsi Kendall is the marketing director of The French Lick Winery. “The biggest thing to set us apart from other wineries is that we don’t use a set formula when making our wine,” Kendall says. “Instead, we start the process and let the grapes tell us what they want to be, then we don’t add water until after we ferment. I believe it is a combination of all of these things that make[s] our winery stand out in a crowd.”

French Lick’s pride for their beloved Larry Bird is exhibited in the display case of sports memorabilia on 33 Brick Street, a restaurant perfect for casual dining. Enjoy their signature steak or “The Bird,” a chicken breast with melted cheese, mushrooms, and bacon, while in the company of jerseys signed by Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Walt Frasier. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with a rich slice of salted caramel cheesecake.

Small Town Tour of Fame: French Lick, Indiana

If you’re looking to treat yourself, make a reservation at the French Lick Resort. Pamper yourself at one of the spas, master your swing on one of the golf courses, or try your luck at the casino. 

Patty Drabing, is a nine year resident of French Lick who is proud of the role the town’s local hotels have played in her community. “[The French Lick and West Baden hotels] have been attracting people from all over the country for years…Two grand hotels—they pretty much built the town,” Drabing says. 

In addition to booking a guest room or suite, you can also rent an RV spot at the French Lick Resort. The rail trolley or golf cart attendant will provide a ride to and from the resort, so you can still enjoy all that the French Lick Resort has to offer.

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