The A-Maize-ing Race

Out in the rural Illinois countryside lies an attraction that’s only visible once you reach the top of a seemingly never-ending road. Richardson’s Adventure Farm pops up over the hill, the red barn standing out amongst the green and tan of the corn—and you certainly can’t miss the massive corn maze. As you pull in, families of all ages are taking hayrides, picking out pumpkins, or waiting for pig racing. But it wasn’t always the fun-filled family attraction that it is now. 

The Richardson farm has been in the family since 1836, when current owner George Richardson’s great-great-grandfather immigrated to the U.S. from England. After settling in Illinois, the family started farming. There were a few cows and chickens. Later on, they added more cows until the place became a full-fledged dairy farm. But after a while, dairy was no longer profitable, so the Richardson family started to raise pigs instead. Once again, market prices started to decline, so the family decided to go out on a limb. What if they tried something completely different—like constructing the world’s largest corn maze? 

Nineteen years later, Richardson’s Farm is booming. People come not only for the corn maze, but also the pumpkins, Christmas trees, and pig racing (and yes, pig racing is as awesome as it sounds). 

And while it was hard to pull ourselves away from those cute little piggies, we knew we had to take our shot at completing the world’s largest corn maze. Better yet, we made it into a heated match between two friends hell-bent on gaining bragging rights. So, run with us and see who will come out victorious in the end. Will it be Sarah or Hayley? Check it out as they battle corn in one of the most twisted and confusing journeys of their lives.