The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Episode 3: The Sandwhich

Cheese and bread, together at last.

We’ve got 5 different types of bread and 4 kinds of cheeses that we put together to make five different sandwiches. Starting with a classic comfort food control sandwich, Leo and a panel of judges vote on what sandwich will be crowned the ultimate grilled cheese. The five sandwiches we made were:

  • Velveeta on Wonderbread – a classic grilled cheese.
  • Colby on pain de campagne – a mild but flavorful cheese on a hearty bread. 
  • Herbed gouda on sandwich bread – the weakest bread flavor paired with the strongest of the cheeses.
  • Dill havarti on Hokkaido milk bread – two subtle but distinct flavors put together.
  • Wisconsin sourdough with a mix of all the cheeses (besides Velveeta, of course, because it’s barely cheese)

Which sandwich will win the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Challenge?

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